For A Better Future


Our long-term success at Loughran Brewing Stores is dependent upon the health of our incredible planet and eco-system.  We must conduct our work ‘From Farm To Glass’ without compromising the ability of future generations.  

With this in mind we must highlight our partners and customers who are leaders in sustainable and environmental practices.  While constantly encouraging our colleagues and ourselves to do more.     

We must never overlook the impact of every decision Loughran Brewing Stores make on the environment, which will in turn affect our colleagues, customers and local community.

Our Roots

Here at Loughran Brewing Stores sustainability is more than just a goal; it is one of our guiding values. Our dedication to sustainability is rooted in the deep respect the Loughran Family have for the land and countryside in which they grew up and for the greater environment which we all share.

Our Team

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Our Land

Being part of a farming family, our founders believe that the land in which we live provides a link to both our past and our future.

Our agronomy programs are designed to produce grains that will provide excellent brewing and distilling performance. We select suitable quality crops for our brewing and distilling customers during harvest, and set aside the remaining portion for alternative uses. 

This helps create an economically sustainable outcome for our farm, allowing us to re-invest in it, improving our soil health, cultivating additional wildlife habitats and farming in harmony with nature.  This sustainable approach to farming ensures that the next generation of our family will inherit a farm which has been enhanced by our activities, rather then degraded by them.

We have also begun planting trees, of native species around our site, these trees will supply both food and habitat to nesting birds and other wild life in the area. 

We have identified several additional measures we plan to take which will enhance to wildlife habitats around our site including the installation of bird boxes, bat boxes, the construction of a bee habitat and additional ongoing tree planting. We also intend to carry out a survey of the various species of birds and mammals which call our facility and the land around it home.

Our Waste

Loughran Brewing Stores prides itself on being a zero-to-landfill company.  We guarantee our suppliers that we dispose of no materials we accept to landfill.  

This ensures that we achieve a high level of recycling efficiency and our wastage and weight loss is kept to a minimum.  Despite these efforts, from time to time Loughran Brewing Stores occasionally receive materials onto our site which we are unable to recycle. 

In such instances these materials are not sent to landfill, instead that are sent for further processing at the premises of an authorised and pre-inspected third party, or are sent for recovery. We are very proud to be able to assist our valued partners in their own aims of reducing the volumes of waste which they themselves send to landfill..

Our Transportation

Approx. 22% of the total value of our finished product is accounted for by transportation costs. This component of our activities is a huge emitter of CO2. Our exact CO2 emissions in this field are difficult to calculate, in part due to the varying distances our goods travel and the different methods used (road & sea / ocean) however we have identified potential savings for the future. 

By increasing our payload per truck, we can make considerable savings in both cost and CO2 emissions. Therefore, we have set ourselves the target of increasing our average payload per truck movement by 5% and to calculate how many tonnes of C02 emissions this will save.

Community Involvement

We strive to be a responsible neighbour and an asset to our communities and we hope we enrich the lives of all those we encounter. We aim to grow a business which improves the world in which we live and which is, in itself, sustainable that is, a business which focuses on long term profitability and growth, not short-term gains and wins.

100k in 30 Days

100k in 30 Days For Breast Cancer Ireland in June 2021

Run, Walk or Wheel 100k in the 30 Days of June in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland. This event is open to everyone from 4 to 84, young and old, any ability, anywhere in the world, you are all invited to take part in Irelands largest virtual event. 

Loughran Brewing Stores take great pride in offering our time and skills to the organisation of this fantastic event. Our team will also be participating, we are happy for any of partners and customers to join us. 

We are really excited and cannot wait for June.  We also have something really exciting planned, in an effort to raise more funds for this charity and cannot wait to share with you all!