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to our podcast Brew Craic! Craic is 'as Gaeilge' an Irish term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation.

What you can expect to be featured in our podcast...

Brew Craic - Episode 8

Label Design

We are back with a bang, in this episode we chat about label art and design. Speaking to talented designers Paul Reck from Yellow Belly and Vivienne Mannion from Lineman. If you are intrigued by the world of labelling in the brewing industry, then this is the episode for you!

Brew Craic - Episode 7

Chatting with Country Malt and Tennessee Brew Works

In this episode of #BrewCraic we chat with Ian McHarg from Country Malt Group and Matt Simpson from Tennessee Brew Works about everything from the current implications of Covid-19, trends in the industry and the current crop of Loughran Family Malt. 

Brew Craic - Episode 6

Growing & Brewing with Strata Hops

In this episode of #BrewCraic we will be chatting to Brian Dickson from Northern Monk Brewery in the UK and Jim Solberg from Indie Hops in Oregon, US We will be discussing the hop variety that is taking the brewing industry by storm 🌪… Strata! Amongst some other interesting material.

Brew Craic - Episode 5

From Farm To Glass

In this edition of #BrewCraic podcast we are in the fields, this is slightly different to what you have seen so far, James Loughran chats to Conor Mc Keown from Mc Keown Agri. Services about this years Barley crop, how the dry weather has affected it and through the treatment process to get it to where it is currently. This is a very interesting chat especially for those interested in the Agriculture side of our business, we expect to be chatting to Conor regularly on our platform so stay tuned for more!

Brew Craic - Episode 4

Influential Women In The Brewing Industry

In this episode of #BrewCraic we will chat to not one but two influential women in the craft beer industry. First up is Sarah Cleeton a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin, who received outstanding results in her thesis titled…”How Millennial Women In Ireland’s Attitudes Towards Craft Beer Are Influenced By Social Media” we will be discuss Sarah’s findings and experience in the brewing industry.

Second and alongside Sarah, we chat to Dr. Christina Wade, who is the founder and president of the Irish Ladies Craft Beer Society. 

We also  discuss the stigma attached to women in the brewing industry and both their experiences, along with how they believe more women can take their place as leaders in this industry dominated by men!

Brew Craic - Episode 3

Chatting with Zak from Crosby Hops

We chatted with Zak Schroerlucke, Director of Dank or otherwise known Marketing Manager of Crosby Hop Farm. We discussed getting into the craft brewing industry, the history and about Crosby Hops, a little about the Craft Brewers Conference and finishing up with explaining the varieties of hops they provide.

Of course not forgetting Will tasting Galway Bay Brewery, Oregon Grown IPA and Zak tasting a Keller Beer that unfortunately could make the Craft Brewers Conference 2020 dues to Covid 19 but wasn’t wasted. 🍺

Brew Craic - Episode 2

Behind The Scenes 

Yard Manager, Wayne takes us behind the scenes at Loughran Brewing Stores, where he will show us around the storage, silos and the fridge. He tells us about his day-to-day activities, what he enjoys most and least about the job and how safety is the utmost priority at Loughran Brewing Stores…“A tidy workplace is a safe workplace”

Brew Craic - Episode 1

James, Will & Joan discuss all things Loughran Brewing Stores

Introducing the first edition of Brew Craic. In this episode, we are introducing you to our new podcast, discussing all things Loughran Brewing Stores from our core values, current working circumstances, future plans and exciting upcoming projects.

Thanks for tuning in!

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