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to our podcast Brew Craic! Craic is 'as Gaeilge' an Irish term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Hop Revolution and Burnt Mill Brewery.  We are privileged to get to chat with two inspirational leaders from the industry at such a busy time.

Please listen in for more. B

Chatting to Natalie and Bruno from One Circle

This is a brilliant chat to find out more about KeyKegs and their circular design.

If you have any questions about OneCircle please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chatting With Joseph Ince from Marble Brewery

Listen in to our chat with Joe from Marble Brewery in a new episode of #BrewCraic 

We chat about our recent collab with Marble Brewery and Crosby Hops. What lies in the future for Marble Brewery?⚡️🚗


We had the pleasure of Pete Busque from Crosby Hops joining us on our recent episode of #BrewCraic

This discussion focused on Hop Contracting, its importance and how a brewing company can leverage spot hops to advance their business. A very informative episode for any brewer or brewery to listen into. B

Chatting With Anca Solberg from Indie Hops

We had the pleasure of chatting to Anca about their new documentary and of course, how hop harvest 2021 is performing.  We are very privileged to get this time with Anca dury a busy hop harvest. 


Chatting With Blake Crosby

We celebrate our 20th episode of #BrewCraic with none other than Blake Crosby from Crosby Hop Farm. We are delighted to have Blake on to chat about environmental and sustainable practices. 

Blake expands on what it is to be a certified B corporation, sustainable growth as a business, recognising their employees’ work, and giving back to the community. Leaving us on a final note, ‘using business as a force for good’


Sustainable Practices At Yakima Chief Hops

Listen to our new episode with Yakima Chief Hops, we chat to Luke Kulchstein and Levi Wyatt about their corporate social responsibility, focusing mainly on their sustainable and environmental practices. 

We learn more about their Co2 recovery system, solar panels and Yakima Chief’s ‘Give Back’ program.


Sustainable practices at Wicklow Wolf 

We had the pleasure of the company of John Allen from Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company on this weeks episode of #BrewCraic.  John discusses in great detail their sustainable & environmental practices at the brewery, which can only be admired.  We also discuss their biodiversity, waste management and plans for the future.


Chatting to Philip from WHC Lab

WHC Lab are a laboratory-based brewing science company supplying liquid & dry yeasts. They also provide a comprehensive beer analysis, available for all breweries trying to maintain a high quality and consistent final product.

Philip was able to provide us with a great insight into the world of yeast and the varieties they stock at WHC lab, joining in on this conversation today is our very own Rob Hamilton. Rob was able to provide his perspective from brewing with yeast.


Hop Harvest at Freestyle Hops with Dave Dunbar

Listen in as James and Will chat to Dave Dunbar from Freestyle Hops, during this really busy time of New Zealand, Hop Harvest.  

Dave chats to us about Freestyle Hops, the hop varietals they grow, including the unique background of Bruce and Betty Hop blends. He also chats about this years harvest, how it has gone and some of the challenges they faced.  

Oh and let’s not forget those silver foil boxes 📦📦


Get to know Brew Keepers

We got to talk to Kevin Ayers from Brew Keepers in Wheeling, West Virginia. We discovered this fantastic brewery, Brew Keepers through their use of Loughran Family Malt, notably their ceiling covered in our malt bags.

Kevin is participating in celebrating his and Loughran Family Malt’s #IrishHeitage this year ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. He shares his experience of brewing with Loughran Family Malt alongside how he celebrates St, Patrick’s Day.


Chatting to Hop Revolution during Hop Harvest 2021

We where very fortunate to get to talk to Jason Judkins and Dr. Susan Wheeler from Hop Revolution, right in the middle of their hop harvest, 2021.

Listen in to this chat as we discuss a range of topics, from how Hop Revolution started, their individual roles in the business, the varieties of hops they are currently harvesting right down to partnering with Loughran Brewing Stores.


Dr. Axel Göhler from Bestmalz

We got the opportunity to chat to Dr. Axel Göhler from Bestmalz ahead of their ‘Best Brew Challenge 2021’

In this epiosde of #BrewCraic Dr. Axel Göhler also discusses the long history and tradition of Bestmalz, his own background, the team, the varieties of malt they celebrate and last but not least the upcoming Best Brew Challenge, how to enter and what we can expect from this years event. 


Chatting to Aonghus In The Big Green Chair

This BrewCraic is a little different. We have invited Aonghus Giggins, Distillery Relationship Manager for Loughran Family Malt on to tell us a little about himself and his background. James and Aonghus discuss the grains and malt we grow at Loughran Family Malt and how it is ideal for the distilling industry. Listen in to find out more!

Collaborating with Deya Brewery

It’s here! Listen into our great chat with Theo Freyne from DEYA Brewing Company alongside Zak Schroerlucke from Crosby Hop Farm  in discussing our amazing collaboration on “Your Bad Luck Has Saved You”, West Coast IPA! 

We chat about everything from the hop selection, the brewing process right through to the artwork and messaging. It’s a fun, chilled conversation best enjoyed with a beer in hand!!

Adding YCH To Our Hop Portfolio

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Yakima Chief Hops. This is a little message from James talking us through our existing hop portfolio and our newest deliveries from YCH. It gives a little insight into how we store our hops.

Harvest Time – Behind The Scene In The Yard

As mentioned this is a very off the cuff #Brewcraic, it’s been such a busy week and thankfully James was able to take a little time out to talk us through the drying and processing of the barley.

Brew Craic - Episode 8

Let’s talk about label design

We are back with a bang, in this episode we chat about label art and design. Speaking to talented designers Paul Reck from Yellow Belly and Vivienne Mannion from Lineman. If you are intrigued by the world of labelling in the brewing industry, then this is the episode for you!

Brew Craic - Episode 7

Chatting with Country Malt and Tennessee Brew Works

In this episode of #BrewCraic we chat with Ian McHarg from Country Malt Group and Matt Simpson from Tennessee Brew Works about everything from the current implications of Covid-19, trends in the industry and the current crop of Loughran Family Malt. 

Brew Craic - Episode 6

Growing & Brewing with Strata Hops

In this episode of #BrewCraic we will be chatting to Brian Dickson from Northern Monk Brewery in the UK and Jim Solberg from Indie Hops in Oregon, US We will be discussing the hop variety that is taking the brewing industry by storm 🌪… Strata! Amongst some other interesting material.

Brew Craic - Episode 5

From Farm To Glass

In this edition of #BrewCraic podcast we are in the fields, this is slightly different to what you have seen so far, James Loughran chats to Conor Mc Keown from Mc Keown Agri. Services about this years Barley crop, how the dry weather has affected it and through the treatment process to get it to where it is currently. This is a very interesting chat especially for those interested in the Agriculture side of our business, we expect to be chatting to Conor regularly on our platform so stay tuned for more!

Brew Craic - Episode 4

Influential Women In The Brewing Industry

In this episode of #BrewCraic we will chat to not one but two influential women in the craft beer industry. First up is Sarah Cleeton a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin, who received outstanding results in her thesis titled…”How Millennial Women In Ireland’s Attitudes Towards Craft Beer Are Influenced By Social Media” we will be discuss Sarah’s findings and experience in the brewing industry.

Second and alongside Sarah, we chat to Dr. Christina Wade, who is the founder and president of the Irish Ladies Craft Beer Society. 

We also  discuss the stigma attached to women in the brewing industry and both their experiences, along with how they believe more women can take their place as leaders in this industry dominated by men!

Brew Craic - Episode 3

Chatting with Zak from Crosby Hops

We chatted with Zak Schroerlucke, Director of Dank or otherwise known Marketing Manager of Crosby Hop Farm. We discussed getting into the craft brewing industry, the history and about Crosby Hops, a little about the Craft Brewers Conference and finishing up with explaining the varieties of hops they provide.

Of course not forgetting Will tasting Galway Bay Brewery, Oregon Grown IPA and Zak tasting a Keller Beer that unfortunately could make the Craft Brewers Conference 2020 dues to Covid 19 but wasn’t wasted. 🍺

Brew Craic - Episode 1

James, Will & Joan discuss all things Loughran Brewing Stores

Introducing the first edition of Brew Craic. In this episode, we are introducing you to our new podcast, discussing all things Loughran Brewing Stores from our core values, current working circumstances, future plans and exciting upcoming projects.

Thanks for tuning in!

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