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Top 4 Malts For Brewing Stout

We bring you this blog post to celebrate International Stout Day.  We hope you enjoy with your very own favourite! #InternationalStoutDay

As the evenings have gotten darker and colder, there is a greater appreciation for the trusty stout! The end of year months bring bigger ABV and heavier stouts! Thanks to a new generation of brewers and drinkers, the stout has burgeoned in its popularity in more recent years. So, the chances are that if you are a brewer you’ll be sourcing the best malts for your stout. We have detailed four of our top selling malts for brewing stouts and after all it is International Stout Day!

Fawcett | Pale Chocolate Malt

Pale Chocolate Malt is a light-roasted specialty malt. Lighter in colour and milder in taste than regular chocolate malt, Pale Chocolate has the nutty malt flavor of lighter toasted grains, but also some of the heavier flavour of darker roasted malt. Small quantities can be used to add colour to dark beers. Larger quantities will add strong flavour and colour, excellent in porters, browns and stouts.

Castle Malting | Special B®

Special B® is the darkest of the Belgian caramel malts! It has a unique aroma and flavour that is very complex. It imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with more subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits such as cherries and plums. It can also deliver some of the softer roasty notes of a chocolate or black malt but without the astringency or bitterness.

Special B® will produce a deep brown colour with ruddy highlights and add body and foam stability like all caramel malts.


Loughran Family Malt | Flaked Barley

Flaked Barley is unmalted, cooked, and dried barley that has been rolled into flat flakes. It imparts a rich, grainy flavour to beer and is used in many stouts, particularly Irish stouts, enhancing head formation and foam stability. Packed with high molecular weight protein, which will help to give foam stability, as well as greater mouthfeel and turbidity.

BestMalz | Chocolate Malt

BEST Chocolate is the ideal malt for brewers who want to start exploring the possibilities of beer with a distinct roasted flavor. The malt is produced from green or kiln-dried malt using the very best brewing barley in a special, particularly gentle roasting process. This helps to prevent distinct bitter flavors, as demonstrated by the extremely low pyrazine levels. As a result BEST Chocolate can also be used at up to 10% of the grain bill to produce very pleasant dark beers and stouts without an astringent, bitter taste. The foam on the beer remains light-colored. 

We also stock many other varieties of malt that are ideal for brewing stout, porters and dark ales. If you have any questions about any of the malts we stock please do not hesitate to contact your local representative…

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