About Loughran Family Malt

Loughran Family Malt supply craft brewers with the best possible ingredients needed to make amazing beer. We grow some of these ingredients here, on our family’s farm, the rest are sourced from our trusted suppliers across the world. Since 1908, six generations of the Loughran Family have farmed Clermont Farm, with 2017 seeing us grow our 109th crop of barley. Unlike many other parts of the world our growing season is long (March-Sept), cool ( 40-70F/ 5-15C) and has many long days (19 hours/day in June)

Because of this our plants grow slowly, evenly and stress free producing fantastic malting barley with large plump kernels, packed full of flavour and low in protein; perfect for making rich flavoursome beer, with great body and mouthfeel. The rich and fertile soils of our farm which help us to produce our great barley, is situated near the foot of the Cooley Mountains; an area steeped in ancient Celtic mythology & legend. There is no other place in Ireland which can boast such a richness and diversity of myth and legend, of folklore and story. This is the land of the great Celtic warrior Cuchulainn who stained our soil forever-red with the blood of an invading horde. This is the home of the mystical Brown Bull of Cooley who enriched the soils of our land. His capture is told in the greatest epic story in Irish Celtic mythology: The Tain, which is set here, on these lands.

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