Proud Of Our Irish Heritage!

Loughran Family Malt supply craft brewers with superior malt to make amazing beer. We grow our barley here in Ireland on our family estate. Since 1908, six generations of the Loughran Family have farmed Clermont Farm, with 2020 seeing us grow our 112th crop of barley. Unlike many other parts of the world our growing season is long (March-Sept), cool ( 40-70F/ 5-15C) and has many long days (19 hours/day in June)

Proud Of Our Irish Heritage!

To celebrate this year’s St. Patrick’s Day we have teamed up with our partners Country Malt Group to share our #IrishHeritage with you! Loughran Family Malt combines craft, culture and a proud Irish Heritage to grow and supply the finest Malt for your brewing needs. We want you to join in our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year by brewing your very own Irish beer. Combining our Loughran Family Malt with your unique brewing recipe to create a beer worth toasting our national day!


Download the assets

We have combined all the elements for you to use from posters to beer mat designs, all you need to do is add your logo, print or use them digitally. All you have to do is download them below….


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Brewing recipes

Killaney Red

Download full brewing recipe below!

Rutting Red

Download full brewing recipe below!

Recipe Coming Soon!

The Luck Of The Irish

We all need a little bit of Irish luck, to be in with a chance to win a personalised Hurley and Sliotar, stay tuned for our competition over on Instagram.  

What is the significance of a Hurley and Sliotar you ask? 

Loughran Family Malt is grown on land that was enriched by Cúchulainn whom is illustrated in our logo, Irish legend predicts that Cúchulainn achieved his name after battling a savage hound by raising his hurley and hitting his sliotar with great force at this Irish wolfhound, killing it dead. Cúchulainn means ‘the Hound of Culan’. Cúchulainn had numerous adventures after this event you can read more about them here.

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