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Find out more about our pale ale malt, IPA malt, torrefied wheat, flaked barley and flaked oats.

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Find out more about our potstill oats, wheat, rye and barley.

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St. Patrick's Day 2022 | Share Your #IrishHeritage

This St. Patrick’s Day 2022, we want you to join us in celebrating #IrishHeritage. So many people across the globe have ties to Ireland, share with us your Irish ancestry and what makes you proud to Irish or part Irish.

We have created some unique giveaways and events to help you celebrate your #IrishHeritage with us.

Who We Are...

Combining Craft and Culture!

Loughran Family Malt supply craft brewers and distilleries with superior quality grain to make amazing beer and spirits. We grow our crops here in Ireland on our family estate. 

Since 1908, six generations of the Loughran Family have farmed Clermont Farm, with 2021 seeing us grow our 113th crop of barley.  Unlike many other parts of the world our growing season is long (March-Sept), cool ( 40-70F/ 5-15C) and has many long days (19 hours/day in June)

Want to Learn More About Hop Contracting?


Are you willing to take a risk on something as important to your beer as hops? Head over to our UK site to read our Ultimate Guide to Hop Contracting to learn more about the benefits of hop contracting, with top tips and advice on which varieties to contract, plus the common hop contracting mistakes to avoid. 


Check out The Ultimate Guide to Hop Contracting here