Save The Beers

In the past, we have used our social media platforms to raise issues and get answers to questions regarding sustainable practices within the brewing industry.  We all agree that these sustainable practices are good for business and, in turn, good for the environment. Forward-thinking companies transitioning, transitioned and adopting sustainable practices are getting rewarded for their efforts, and logically so…

A rich environment produces rich products.


As we emerge from lockdowns, we are facing our old nemesis; “Climate change”, “global warming”, “extreme weather”, or whatever you want to call it, it affects us all, including the beer industry.  

At the moment, we are very concerned for the pacific north-west, precisely Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, the unfolding heat disaster is incredibly worrying.  The temperatures hit all-time highs, and last time we checked, it was 116 degrees Fahrenheit, 46.7 degrees Celsius that is truly unbearable.

Apart from the obvious human health risk, what makes matters worse is that this region is home to some of the most popular hop varieties; now more than ever before, we urge our customers to contract their hops in advance to secure them.

Many of our friends who depend on the hop harvest could suffer significantly due to the heat, drought and potential fire hazards. So dubbed “Heat Dome” effect on Hops will be unknown till August 2021 when harvest begins; the extreme heat and water restrictions mean low yields, and historical evidence suggests that hop prices could soar.

The brewing industry stretches across the globe, with many moving parts that make it all possible. A lot of work goes into a cold pint of beer, and the origins could be very much local or as far wide-reaching as the earth itself.

Forging a perfect beer is no easy task; many have tried, and many have failed; as with all masteries, if ingredients are the key, then collaboration is the door that any true master of the craft must go through in chase of perfection.

The journey we all partake in is in jeopardy as the goal of returning with that all-important Elixir is getting harder and harder.

The craft beer industry is a massive community, from family-owned breweries to family-owned farms, from consumers and seeds to containers. We are sure that the industry’s resilience, love, and friendship will guide everyone out to safety.

We love beer, and with that said, we have a responsibility to ensure its survival and prepare for the future.

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