Top 5 Brew Podcasts

Top beer brewing podcasts that will educate and entertain. If you are new or a seasoned pro in the brewing industry, one thing is for sure; you need to know what’s inside your beer. The following Podcasts will keep you updated on the current affairs of beer. Subscribe and follow these podcasts, so they can continue to make new content for our enjoyment.

The Thirst Time Podcast aims to take a deep dive into that first beer that changed everything for some of the most creative, boundary-pushing, innovative and generally just all-around great people in the industry today.

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A New Brew is hosted by Thomas O’Mahony and is produced in conjunction with the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland

They talk about great beer, told by the people who make it.

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Brew Craic Podcast! Craic is ‘as Gaeilge’ an Irish term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation. Brew Craic features guests from all over the world, from Hop growers in New Zealand, Brewers in America and Malt Suppliers in Europe.

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Award-winning interviews with a wide spectrum of people working in, and around, the beer industry. They balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports, and examines the tenacity of its ideals.

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Beer gurus Augie Carton (Carton Brewing) and John Holl (author and beer writer) get to the bottom of the day’s most pressing craft beer issues with help from opinionated brewer friends, know-it-all barkeeps, and smarmy industry insiders. For each episode, Augie and John will blind-taste and dissect two beers on air (provided by that episode’s guest) while discussing current beer topics, news, and styles.

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