Craftsman Malt Co. started in 2016 with a mission to connect farmers, maltster, brewer and consumer.  Our goal is to create a sustainable brewing and distilling industry whereby brewers and distillers can be confident that they are getting the freshest malts from local farming families.  Craftsman Malt Co. produce high quality, handmade floor malt in small batches with full traceability right back to the field the grain was grown, this ensures a truly artisan product.


Through building relationships with grain growers and brewers/distillers we take a craft approach to the malting process and can produce flavourful malts to inspire.

Loughran Brewing Stores has established themselves as the number one supplier of quality craft malts and brewing ingredients in Ireland and the UK.  With a dedication to providing outstanding customer service and support to the brewing and distilling community.  Our shared ethos makes for a great partnership.

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